Caroline is passionate about fitness and midwifery and it shows throughout every session.   Her friendly and easy going nature creates a relaxed comfortable atmosphere.  She makes each workout diverse, challenging and most importantly fun.  She motivates me to push myself to get results and she is absolutely excellent at advising on babies, raising children and healthy eating.  I would recommend her without reservation to anyone.



Initially Caroline kept me fit during the final stages of my high-risk twin pregnancy.  Her dual qualifications of midwife and personal trainer gave me great confidence in the advice she was providing to me at that time.
Now, five years on, she is still ensuring I maintain my fitness levels by providing a tailored program to meet my current needs as a Mother of two very active young boys. Caroline is professional, reliable and friendly. She designs training programs to meet your ever-changing needs, and conveniently conducts the sessions in your own home. 
Sally, Malvern

Introducing your expert in personal training during pregnancy and beyond; post natal support and childbirth education....


Are you looking for the ideal person in Melbourne, Australia, who can help you with post-natal support following the birth of your baby, fitness training during pregnancy and preparation for childbirth?


Located in Melbourne, Victoria, Caroline Courtis (Shearer) is a registered and practicing midwife and qualified personal trainer. Her passion and specialty is the well being, health and fitness of women during pregnancy and in the post-natal period.   This includes post natal support in the home, personal training, pregnancy education and child birth preparation.

Mumalicious was created in late 2006 by Caroline. She saw a need in the community for a midwife to educate and train women in how to look after themselves in a safe and healthy way. Caroline completed her Bachelor of Nursing in 1995 and then following the birth of her own three children, she was able to pursue her dream of becoming a midwife and in 2003 she obtained her Diploma of Midwifery.

"This is the best job in the world and I feel so honoured to share in the most amazing experience of a womans'  life".

Being a mother to three children and with a passion for well being and health and fitness, she could see the benefits pregnant and post-natal mothers could have by having someone who could provide experience and expertise to women going through one of the most amazing journeys of their life.

As a midwife and personal trainer, Caroline brings together two of the most important roles during the ante-natal period. By combining knowledge in both areas she is able to safely train and support women.

Having a baby is one the most overwhelming and amazing times in a woman's life and after being through it three times herself, Caroline knows how important it is to feel good about yourself as you work towards creating a balance in your life.

She hopes that Mumalicious can help new mothers to experience this new stage of their life in the most positive way by providing:

  • Post-natal support in the home
  • Personal training in a safe manner with a fitness and midwifery professional
  • Education about nutrition and health during pregnancy
  • Childbirth education and birth preparation

As a mother to Ashlee, Lara and Jack, Caroline knows that women tend to place themselves way down the priority list. Mumalicious works because they are there to help in every facet of the journey;  personal training to promote the best health and fitness; childbirth education to educate and prepare a woman and her family for the emotional and physical experience; and post-natal support in the home, giving mothers the confidence and support to facilitate a gentle and easy transition into motherhood as possible.

In addition, Caroline has used her experience and expertise on television in the role of Midwife Advisor on Australia's longest running and favourite soap, 'Neighbours'. With the filming of two births and subsequent story lines, Caroline was able to assist not only with the filming of the births, but also working with the Costume and Art departments to make the set look as genuine as possible. In addition to this, she worked with the parents and babies on set to make the babies transition to set as easy as possible, working with the director to get the scene they needed.  In the last year she has been a Midwife Consultant to two feature films which will be for general release in the 2014-2015. Stay tuned...

Caroline also finds time to share her expertise in writing, which she thoroughly enjoys. Contributing to the website, Nourish Perinatal Wellness as their expert Midwife; Your Health Magazine; GU Health Magazine and Practical Parenting Magazine. If you would like her to contribute to your publication, please do not hesitate to contact her via email or phone.